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Tulis Drops

Content What is Tulsi?

Tulsi is known as the Indian basil or the holy basil. In India it is often referred as the queen of herbs. Apart from being considered holy, it is also revered as a great healer. Leaves and roots of tulsi are used in various medicinal and natural decoctions, believed to soothe mind and body. It’s a natural means to detox and purify your skin and blood. From history till now it’s not only used for its benefits but in India people worship tulsi as an incarnation of goddess Laxmi. According to such beliefs it’s sacred and beneficial. Its anti bacterial nature is a solid remedy to cure fevers and cold. Tulsi regulates the uric acid level hence helps eliminate kidney stones.

Ayusense brings you the purest and most of the tulsi plants in the form of Drops. These drops are made with natural means and cold press. No preservation is added to contradict the inborn effects of tulsi. Here at Ayusense we believe to deliver the best of everything possible. In today’s time everyone seek to have a healthy life. Hence the tulsi drops are a step, closer towards flourishing health as it is immensely beneficial in general use and in disease. 

Main ingredients: Tulsi drops by

Ayusense is a blend of 5 beautiful and aromatic tulsi leaves which elevates the potential of tulsi and becomes lucrative to each other. It has Vishnu Tulsi, Van Tulsi, shyam Tulsi, Ram Tulsi and Nimbu Tulsi. Benefits of the ingredients:

Vishnu Tulsi: the name is derived by the Hindu mythology and religious beliefs.  This tulsi is the most valuable as it is used for its essential oils. This plant is mainly cultivated for the religious purpose but the oil taken out is best for headaches, migraine pains and for consuming.

Van Tulsi: van tulsi improves immunity and contributes to a general sense of well-being. A tea made with the leaves tastes good and provides gentle stimulation to body, mind and spirit - it enhances physical and mental endurance and increases assimilation of oxygen and nutrients to the bloodstream.

Shyam Tulsi: Supports your healthy vision. Antioxidant in tulsi gives protection against free radicals. Helps alleviate minor discomfort and irritation.

Ram Tulsi: Medicinally it's been used in the treatment of colds and flu, to cleanse the respiratory tract of toxins, and in the relief of gas and bloating. The oil is an antioxidant and is used for pain and arthritis.

Nimbu Tulsi: Reduces cholesterol levels & works as antioxidant to remove free radicals. Relieves stress and sharpen the mind. It is useful for diabetes & it also balances digestive system. It also aids cough, cold and mild fever.      

Dosage: 4 drops for adults and 2 drops for kids. (Twice a day in water or tea)

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