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Ion Life Water Ionizer Taste of purity worth trusting In today’s hectic and fast-paced world, most people often overlook the importance of a healthy nutrition. Only a few of us, who are aware about the health, are taking care of what they are eating and drinking. Purifying the water before drinking is a must to remove the contaminants from it but in the process, it makes the water acidic. A lot of studies show that drinking acidic water for long duration may cause you serious illnesses. This makes it necessary to take serious action to improve the pH level of the water we drink. A pH level is defined as the measure of acidity and alkalinity of a liquid. Keeping that in mind, Electrofy has Introduced an efficient solution for you, Ion Life Water Ionizer. Ion Life Water Ionizer is highly effective in producing alkaline water that may help in restoring the body’s pH balance and making your water tastier and fit to drink, while reducing the risk of several cardiovascular, inflammatory, skin and weight issues. It can also produce acidic water that may help in making your hair softer, shinier and easy to manage. As acidic water works more effectively on germs, it could also be helpful in cleaning kitchen utensils, like knives, cutting boards and towels etc. Ion Life Water Ionizer is an ultra-premium high efficiency product imported from South Korea that passes all required international quality tests and certifications. It is an advanced water treatment device, which can provide you highly useful alkaline, micro-clustered and negative ORP water by using most advanced continuous electrolysis technology in a most convenient way. This water coupled with Anderson’s Concentrated Mineral Drops has very high health values. Three steps to improve the water you are drinking Purify → Ionize → Mineralize
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