Health Combo - 1 Portable Oxygen Cylinder Can,1 Oximeter, 2 Disinfectant Spray and 5 Hand Sanitizer Sachet

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  • Portable Oxygen Cane 9 ltr
    • * Portable: Can be easily carried because oxygen is weightless.
    • * Oxy Boost portable oxygen can helps in breathlessness during sudden shock, jerk, suffocation and choking.
    • * First of its kind: Disposable, safe and light weight Oxygen Can with an inbuilt mask.
    • * Extremely Easy to Use: Just place your chin on the surface of the mask and press the trigger with your hand or chin.
    • * Controlled Pressure: The air pressure or velocity reduces because of the mask which makes it an ideal choice and easy to use.
    • * OXY BOOST 9 Litres of pure oxygen 99% Pure in one can which offers 160 oxygen puff (approx.).
    • * Breathing Pure oxygen helps to restore oxygen levels and improve body function to normal for the people require pure oxygen.
    • * Now the world has got easy access to pure fresh natural oxygen.
  • Portable Oximeter
    • *Oxygen Saturation Can Drop For Many Reasons, including Suffocation, Choking, Infections such as Pneumonia, Drowning etc., Diseases such as  Emphysema, Lung Cancer & Lung Infections, Inhaling Poisonous Chemicals, Heart Failure or a History Of Heart Attacks, Allergic Reactions, General Anesthesia, Sleep Apnea
    • * You can monitor your Oxygen Saturation with the help of this device.
  • Aries Disinfectant Spray (2 Bottle)
    • * 1 Aries Orange Disinfectant Spray.
    • * 1 Aries Lemon Disinfectant Spray.
    • About Aries Disinfectant Spray: 
    • * Alcohol (Denatured) Surface Disinfectant Spray.
    • * Sanitizer Spray can be used on a Surface that you come into contact with Every day such as Door Handle Kitchen Sink, Toilet Seat & Top, Sofa, Curtain, Light Switch TV Remote Control, Car Seat, Dustbin, etc.
    • * Kills 99.9% Bacteria & Viruses*.
    • * Disinfectant spray hard & Soft Surfaces*.
    • * Kills Cold & Flu Viruses. Sanitizes & Deodorizes.
    • * Cleans & Freshens.
    • * Net Volume: 215 gm/ 310 ml.
    • * Germ Cleaner Spray: Germ Cleaner Spray Kills germs and provides protection against illness.
    • * It kills germs from skin, surface & eliminates odor.
  • Wague 2 ml Hand Sanitizer (5 Sachet)
    • * Portable Hand Sanitizer
    • * Best Product For Traveling Trime
    • * Best Product for Faist Aid Kit,
    • * 75% Alcohol.
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