Hand Blender with Chopper 2 in 1 H-909

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If you want the Kitchen Activities to be like a child’s play, then Greenline H-909 is the perfect product for you which are multi-use with the combination of SIMPLE HANDLING and INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY. The design of the Handy is Sleek and Sturdy Build which can be detachable into two pieces and further use to form the perfect Chopper. Multi-Purpose Product The Greenline H-909 is a Multi-Use product comprising of Hand Blender combined Chopper which are fully detachable. This means that the customer doesn’t have to worry about the Washing the Unclean Components of both the products. Thus, providing the customer ‘SUPERIOR SATISFACTION’. Purpose The product comprises of Handy Motor, Handy Pipe, Plastic Jar and Chopper Cap which are fully detachable from one component to other. Thus, providing flexibility to the customers in terms of usage as well as making as a ‘PORTABLE PRODUCT’. • The Plastic Jar in the Chopper is made of Polycarbonate Material (UNBREAKABLE) and has Capacity of 200 MLitres. When combined with the handy motor, Chopper is form which is use to Chop and Slice the vegetables such as Onions, Herbs etc. in the effective way. • On the otherhand, when the handy motor is combined with Handy Pipe, Hand Blender is formed that looks impressive due to its sleek design making your Kitchen even more look better. Thus, Hand Blender is use in daily activities such as making Tomato Puree, Whipping Fresh Cream, Mayonnaise, Liquidizing fruits and vegetables etc. From the Manufactures Greenline commenced operations in 1972 with Blade Mixer at a time when the appliances market was a limited segment. Provide world class appliances to Indian customers at the highest quality and most affordable rates. By providing high class quality at affordable prices makes the customer perception as being delightful. Thus, the product comprises of best quality of plastic ‘ABS’ and quality stainless steel for the purpose of long term commitment to the customer. Product Features • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty all over India. • ISO Certified Product • Includes Instruction Manual providing ‘HOW TO USE THE PRODUCT’ • Unique Feature – Fully Detachable, FLEXIBLE IN USAGE, MULTI-PURPOSE • Handy and Comfy Grip • Expected Life – Lifetime
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