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Here’s our new Awomz Activation offer! “Rage coffee” is now available on Awomz! Electrofy brings you the award-winning “Rage coffee” which is a plant based coffee infused with natural vitamins. Grab the offer now by buying 2 packs of Rage coffee containing 10 sachets each, at a discounted price of Rs.489 with the extra benefit of claiming 90 AWOMZ Points. So, HURRY UP! And start purchasing!


Rage coffee is a premium coffee brand. It is the world’s first plant-based and award-winning coffee brand. We deliver you the best quality products that are full of benefits. We offer you the finest coffee made up with a blend of Arabica beans which are found in the Ethiopian highlands of Harar. Our premium coffee is gluten-free and is infused with plant-based vitamins to make you feel more energetic, focused and fit. This coffee will give you a perfect kick with its rich aroma, smooth texture and heavenly taste.

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