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  • Congratulations!!! You have reached the right place to start selling your products/services online.

  • AWOMZ is the world’s first ecommerce portal based on Word of Mouth Recommendation.

  • Just list your genuine product / service with us and witness the power of recommendation work magic for your sales.

How it works

Easy to start selling online on AWOMZ just in 3 simple steps

Register with us

  • Click on the start selling link and register your business with us. Please provide the correct details like name as per PAN Card, GST number, business address etc. That’s it! Now start listing your products and services.

List your products / services

  • Choose the main category and sub-category for each product that you wish to list with AWOMZ.
  • Input the features, size, description and all the other relevant details required to correctly list your product / service.
  • List the printed MRP of your product along with the GST rate and HSN code of that product.
  • "AWOMZ PRICE" – This is the most important field when you list your product / service. Work out the VERY BEST price (without GST) at which you can offer that product or service to the AWOMZ community. This VERY BEST price will help incentivize the AWOMZ community for using and recommending your product / service.
  • As AWOMZ is a community, there can be similar products listed by different vendors. It is needless to say that vendors who will offer the same quality products with better margins for the AWOMZ community will see better sales due to the community push.

Receive orders and start dispatch

  • As you start receiving orders from AWOMZ, your task is to correctly pack and dispatch the product to the customer, using our designated shipping partners. You will be required to generate a packing slip along with the invoice generated by AWOMZ for the same.
  • Please take care to dispatch the correct products both quantity and quality wise, as AWOMZ will charge for returns/ mis-deliveries due to errors in dispatch.

Here are some common questions about selling on AWOMZ

What are the charges of AWOMZ for listing?

AWOMZ does not charge any listing fees from the vendor. When you give us the best price at which you can provide the product / service, AWOMZ keeps its margins and uses the balance to incentivize the purchaser and the community.

What about refunds? Will I be charged for refunds?

AWOMZ offers “No questions asked” refund policy to its customers. You are free to decide the terms of such refund i.e. the time period and whether you will accept opened product or not. The same will be communicated to the customer on your listing page. If the customer returns the product due to any reason the charges (courier and gateway charges) for the same will be claimed from your account. If the customer returns the product for any other reason, the charges will be split equally between you and AWOMZ. Please account for around 5-10% returns when you decide your AWOMZ price.

When will I get the payment for the product / service sold?

Once the product is delivered and the refund window is closed, the agreed price for the product / service shall be transferred to your designated bank account on the next working day. For eg : let’s say you offer 7 days refund policy for your product and the product is delivered to the customer on 3rd October. So, the refund window closes on 9th October. You will be paid on 10th October (assuming 10th October is working day i.e. not Sunday or public holiday, in which case the payment will be done on the next working day)

How many products or services of the same type will you register on the AWOMZ portal? How will I get good sales if there is competition?

AWOMZ is a community of consumers with varied tastes. So, there is space for every product / service (even if similar) to be listed on AWOMZ. The point to understand is that how can you ensure better sales for YOU. MOST IMPORTANT : Vendors who share the maximum possible margin for a product / service will have weightage over the other listings. This way you can ensure that your listing is featured and you get good sales.

How can I promote my products more?

The community will upload their videos and reviews of your product / service on the AWOMZ portal. This will majorly help drive sales for you. You can also upload certain videos etc. to explain or promote your products.

AWOMZ is a unique portal in the sense that you can also become a part of the AWOMZ community by signing up via Google, Facebook etc. Now, you can promote your product listings to your contacts by sharing the AWOMZ app. When they start purchasing, you make money from sales. ALSO, you make money from the margins that you have shared with the community. ALSO, any other product that your contacts buy will make you money through the shared margins of those product vendors.

It's time to start making money.

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