About Us

Awomz Marketing Private Limited is a marketing platform that deals in retail trade and execution and helps in delivering measurable value to clients. It was established in October 2020 by a team of experienced individuals which focused on creating an online platform to make people’s life more easy and convenient and providing small scale businesses a platform to advertise and sell their products. It mainly focuses on e-commerce and enables other companies and individuals to perform functions on their behalf. They can market their services and products on the website after making certain agreements with the company. Our company’s unique selling proposition is that it benefits both vendor and buyer by providing them community incentives and cashback offers. Awomz distributes a variety of consumer goods from water to clothing and accessories along with their description and reviews, so that it will become easy for the one to distinguish between the products of different brands and can choose the most suitable one for them.

AWOMZ as the name suggests means A to Z by word of mouth, which works on recommendation basis. Vendors just need to list their products and services, upload the images, unique features and details of the same and then share the maximum margin with the AWOMZ community, these shared margins will then be distributed in the community for recommending your products or service. Vendors can become users too and can share the referral code among their community after getting approved and registered on the platform. We also use an advanced AI algorithm to generate the best listing price and community incentives for recommending your product or service and even the vendor need not to pay any listing charges or commission to the company.

AWOMZ is a unique platform as it gives benefits to both vendors and buyers, here buyers satisfaction or dissatisfaction is considered, even they are incentivized to promote your products and services. They’ll be incentivized by recommending the products and services by posting a recommendation video and sharing the referral code. This will increase the downline of both vendor and recommender, with each purchase which will be done through the referral code will add on the AWOMZ point in your AWOMZ wallet, which you’ll receive as a cashback. Buyers will also enjoy some amount of cashback with every purchase done through the referral code and then can get into the downline by sharing the code and recommendation video of the product. Therefore, it’s necessary to share the best margin and best quality product to strengthen your community and increase your top line.

Soon, when you’ll start receiving orders from the AWOMZ community, then you may use our shipping partners for safe and quick delivery. After the product reaches the end consumer, the vendor will receive the agreed price of the product in their account. We welcome you to join us today and start listing your products and services which you want to offer on Awomz.com.